F2F With Sector Ministers Session

The F2F With Sector Ministers session is unique to WOMEG. WOMEG is being organized with the support of the Government of Ghana through the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre and the Ministry for Business Development (all under the Office of the President). As such, various sector ministers have been engaged to meet with the different investor groupings to both welcome and provide overview to their sector priority projects as well as preliminary responses to challenges faced by potential investors in Ghana. In particular, the following sector ministries are of high priority:

  1. Agriculture
  2. Roads and Highways
  3. Healthcare
  4. Transport and logistics
  5. Water and Sanitation
  6. Lands and Natural Resources
  7. Energy
  8. Works, Housing and Infrastructure Development
  9. Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts
  10. Education, Training and Development, etc.

The Ministers of Trade and Industry as well as Finance shall be available to provide information on government policies relating to the above and other areas that potential investors will be interested in.